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Kubecon takes over Detroit for KCCNC North America 2022

Gareth Davies
By Gareth Davies 3 min read
17 Aug 2023

In 2022 we delivered the master creative for Kubecon + Cloudnativecon North America in Detroit. Inspired by the foundation and history of the city, its roadways. It’s amongst our favourite work so far and an honour to see a concept rolled out at such scale.

The history is Detroit is well documented, the challenge was ‘how to reference the innovation of this famous place, past and present, in a unique, fresh and digitally relevant way?’

Here’s what we did

  • Event master creative
  • Keynote design and production
  • Venue branding support
  • Merchandise design
  • 3D Character creation
  • Post event report design and production

A new spin on Motor City

Sometimes a great idea comes quickly, that was certainly the case for KCCNC Detroit. We used the map of Detroit as our starting visual, then created a style and format that referenced transistor / computer processors as a nudge to the cloud technology and innovation that drives the CNCF community.

The final concept in keynote stage format

World class keynotes

The crucial moment for any event is the opening keynote, especially with audiences in the thousands. At Acid.Works we have 20+ years of experience in delivering brand communication, visual excellence and unique, impactful storytelling. All crucial elements on what can often be an afterthought… a slide deck. It’s more than that, it’s a production, a performance, an integration of design, technology, screen and sound. We guide and mentor our clients to optimise these things for business and personal impact.

A selection of the opening keynote with clear messaging, typography, graphic design and custom 3D elements

The final roll out, at epic scale

Seeing the work being rolled out across the entire city was incredible. From the branded train and venue, to the huge stage, sound and screen set up. It was a sight to behold. Here’s some photo highlights of the show…

Design at scale across the venue
Our 3D Phippy and Friends characters welcome guests at Huntington Place
Anticipation builds as the show is about to begin
An entire venue, seamlessly executed
Attendees arrive at the main hall
The show’s production team in full flow
Powerful branding and presentations on stage
10,000 attendees set new records in Detroit
The branded Kubecon train impressively travels around the city
Our branding takes over the city in Detroit

It’s a family affair

Thanks to everyone for making it such an amazing show, from the staff to the community and the new connections. Detroit is an amazing place and we’re honoured to have our work featured at such scale across the city.

It’s a family affair as guests meet Phippy and Friends
Spaces to work, relax and mingle
Detroit t-shirts work by thousands of attendees
Executive Director Priyanka Sharma shares a moment with the community
Contributors gather on stage to be recognised for their work in 2022

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