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Gareth Davies
By Gareth Davies 2 min read
05 Jan 2024

We step into 2024 with another ‘recommends’ list and after last year’s top 5 electric cars, we move to a top close to our hearts…. sneakers. (Or trainers as they call them in the UK). For Gareth, clothing, fashion and retail has been a passion since the late 90s, set amongst the rise of club culture and our late teens. And more so, a place to hang out and meet like minded friends.

In 2001, he teamed up with legendary clothing store Eleven to host music events in his home town, where he would later meet good friend David Little, now a Head Buyer at End Clothing. In 2007 Gareth designed End’s new store ‘End Hunting Lodge’ logo. Which brought high end Japanese brands to the North East of England. He continues his passion for men’s clothing as much as ever today, just from slightly warmer climates.

So without further ado, here’s the Acid Works top 5 (mens) footwear recommendations for the year ahead:

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Nike Zoom Voremo 5
‘The Best Dad Shoe’

We’ve typically stayed clear of the dad shoe due to the insane current popularity of New Balance and the urge to avoid following the crowd to much. Plus we just prefer a lighter, smaller shoe in warm climates. However this particular colourway of the Vomero 5 really caught out eye. Khaki, off grey and green blend wonderfully together with the intricate materials and patterns across the shoe. More so, they are insanely comfortable, and our new preferred day-to-day rider. Highly recommended.

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Norda 001
‘The Best New Brand’ 

norda™ 001: Born in Montréal. Ready to run the world. Norda is our clear winner for best new silhouette, coming in a range of awesome colour combinations, this Scandinavian brand comes in at a higher price point but the quality, materials, lightness and comfort is an incredible blend. From running to hiking and of course casual wear, they’re a choice for the connoisseur who’s keen to keep things fresh and ahead of the game. Check out their site for more options.

The tougher based 001 G+ Spike in Grey Orange

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Clae – Deane
‘The Best Smart Sneaker’

Clae Los Angeles has been a favourite of hours for over 15 years. Originally discovered in Carnaby Street, London, they’ve been on constant rotation since. In my opinion, they are the best quality, best value and just down right coolest manufacturers of clean, sophisticated and footwear on the market. They’re also fairly uncommon, so you can be sure to keep your original vibe with them. Clae also has a big focus on sustainable with many vegan leather materials being used.

I genuinely believe the quality and comfort is up there with names like Common Projects. Considering you can pick up a pair from 70-80 GBP, they really are too good to miss.

The reverse of the Deane, classically styled.

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Nike Vapor Fly Zoom 3
‘The Best Running Shoe’

I’m a decent runner, so I’ve had a few pairs of running shoes and personally, Nike are always my go to. From a design and looks factor they can’t be beaten imo. But the run is the most important thing, so investing in a higher end, well cushioned, light pair of running shoes is key. That means a carbon plate, as the kick and firmness it brings is essential to running and a serious pace. It’s also means a higher price. But it’s a great investment and I always get my money’s worth. Plus… a cool pair of runners is great motivation to get back out there.

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Salomon XT-6
‘The Best Winter Shoe’

I picked up this pair of Solamon’s in Aphrodite Sunderland last October, before I headed down to London for a client workshop. They served me very well around the rainy streets of Liverpool Street. The pastel colourway (Aloe Wash / Hazelnut) is a perfect contrast to a mid denim jean or a darker black / navy pant. And as soon as you put them on your foot you know you’re wearing something thats got you covered for the british weather.

My only gripe is the rubber is prone to scuffing very easy (in my first few hours in fact. But with the lighter skin colour this is no doubt to be expected. Regardless, I’m looking forward to taking them to the Alps for my 2024 snowboarding trip where no doubt they’ll pick up a few extra bumps and scratches.

Fantastically styled by the guys at

We’d love to hear your favourites of the year, or ones to watch out for in the new year. Leave a comment or a photo on the socials if you get this far. Wishing you all a 2024 filled with good health kick ass sneakers! Peace, G

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