Acid Works Recommends: The top 5 electric vehicles to drive into 2023

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22 Jan 2023

We recently spent time in the US and South Korea where EVs have well and truly arrived. Both with high numbers on the roads, a mature charging network and super chargers readily available. Exciting times! EVs represent a refreshing, ever growing corner of the industry for future first, environmentally conscious customers who enable brands to push the boundaries of product, communication and experience.

On that note, at Acid Works we’re driven by new experiences (pun intended) and excited about the future electrification holds. Not just for cars, but for all forms of mobility which we touch on below. Here’s our 2023 top 5 list for our favourite EVs on the roads this year.


Hyundai Ioniq 5

In September ’22 we spend 3 weeks in Soeul and already had our eyes on the uber cool Casio pixel styling of the car being called perhaps the best family EV on the road. They’re insanely popular in Korea and also used as the new fleet of Kakao Taxis. In fact, we managed to hire one in Jeju Island, the first time our family used an EV.

The striking lines of the outer body and uber cool Ioniq pixels keep this a top EV choice for most people.

We felt the styling was hugely appealing, the format of the car was great for day to day use. The main issue was the low quality feeling dials on the central console, so if you’re looking for something with a premium feel inside and out… this may just fall short despite it’s superb practicality and styling.

Highly practical, modern interior which may not be premium enough for some style conscious EV customers.


Polestar 2

Despite being announced over 3 years ago, Polestar 2 launched here in Dubai in Q2 2022 with their single car showroom in Mall of the Emirates. Our Tesla owning friend highly recommend we go take a look and since then we’ve been huge fans. It’s a brand which most people haven’t even heard of “What’s a Polestar”, they’re a performance EV startup now with joint ownership from Volvo.

The upgraded performance pack with its 22″ forged alloy wheels.

Where they really stand out is their focus on design, it’s something any budding graphic design and typography enthusiast will immediate pick up on… but Polestar do an incredible job of creating an ultra modern, sophisticated experience not just in their car designs but right across there channels. Stunning photography, ultra clean typography and countless touches on the car inside and out.

The limited edition Polestar 2 BTS.


Rivian R1S

We first spotted the Rivian parked up in San Francisco’s Fishermans Wharf. It immediately caught our eyes with it’s elongated front headlights and boxed yet rounded style. But more so, the brand claims to put emissions and nature first.

Rivian is another example of car companies being able to take an entirely new stance in their positioning, communication and ultimately provide an entirely new type of mobility experience. Rivian is at the forefront of that.

Vehicles ready for a cleaner adventure.

“Vehicles made for the planet”
Rivians website states – Whether it’s taking families on new adventures or helping fleets electrify at scale, our vehicles all share a common goal — preserving the natural world for generations to come.

A softer, at one with nature style runs through the DNA of Rivian.


Rolls Royce Spectre

Hitting a road near you in Q4 2023 (well perhaps if you reside on Sloane Square) the Spectre represents Rolls Royces reality for what’s possible when luxury and innovation combine. It comes in at a cool $400k starting price, so we’ll let the photo and official reveal video do the talking.

Yours starting at a cool $400,000.


Tesla Semi Truck

Our final pick for the year continues Teslas game changing legacy by transforming the workhorse of America, the semi-truck. Huge capacity batteries give it the range needed to cross multiple states a day and new class leading safety, controls and even auto-pilot functionality that nudge us closer to shipping automation.

Check out the official Tesla video below for more insight into the new Tesla Semi.

The first Tesla Semis first hit the highways of America in Q4 2022.
All systems go, a look inside the driver cabin of the Tesla Semi.



How’s your EV experience is so far?
Let us know your favourites and thanks for getting this far.

From our side, in December Acid Works picked up its first vehicle, a shiny Polestar 2 in Snow White. We’re loving it so far, especially the ‘proper car interior’ as oppose to most Teslas which just have too much trimmed down for our personal taste. Although coming from an SUV and with a family to think off… it’s clear to see why SUV’s now make up the majority of car sales globally. With the Polestar 3 on the horizon, perhaps an upgrade could be on the cars for early 2024. Here’s hoping!



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