Design Social 05 hops on West Beach with 40 designers

Gareth Davies
By Gareth Davies 3 min read
11 Dec 2023

Designing a design meet-up

We’d been itching to organise another meet up with our colleagues, friends and the wider design community but hit by busy schedules and demanding venues. And then it struck us… ‘Why don’t we just meet on West Beach and hop between bars?’. So an idea was born. We released our first artwork 10 days before the event. Building up anticipation in the week to come.

Graphic design for the event, using QR codes to invite people to receive essential event updates

We used a Figjam board for everyone to introduce themselves and keep up to date with information. Along with a closed what app group for essential updates which could be joined only by scanning the custom QR code. We also designed out own t-shirts for the event although sadly the manufacturing company wasn’t able to deliver on time, so we paused for next time.

We also booked in a series of happy hour deals thanks to the helpful team at Hilton hotel, Palm Jumeriah. Who were happy to host us in their variation F&B locations. Some of which you can see below. The reality was, with the sunsetting early, we would move to the fun rooftop balcony of ‘Claw’ and stay there for most of the night. Our group was too big to access many of the smaller, table focussed bars of West Beach. But it worked out well in the end especially with people arriving at different times of the evening.

The event Figjam board growing as more attendees sign up
Some of the locations we had planned to visit

A top night had by all

In the true style of a top night out, we didn’t capture too many photos. Instead, we enjoyed casual conversations, new friendships and even some drinking games to wrap things up.

A huge thanks for everyone coming out. In true Acid Works style the event is really all about meeting interesting new people from all corners of the creative industry. We were really happy so many people were able to make new friends and opportunities.

Check out some of the photos at Claw rooftop bar:

From fashion designers, product designers and Sean (not a designer)
Happy vibes in the air all night
Busy busy, as 40 strong designers and industry friends joined us
The drinks are flowing, great to have Pierre and friends joining us as always
Have you played ‘fingers’ before? A great way to end the night

Thanks for coming

Stay tuned for the next one! We have some exciting ideas lined up for 2024 and feel free to reach out to us on the details below if you’d like to get involved. In particular we’re looking for photographers and videographers to capture content. Thank you.

Thanks for reading.
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