Acid visits Apple Park & Infinite Loop in California

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07 Sep 2023

In 2022 we have the privilege of joining the lovely folks at Cloud Native Computing Foundation for a team offsite in Napa, California. It was a wonderful few days together. Shortly after… Gareth hit the coast road down to LAX. A stunning drive that would be one for the memory books. But not without a detour through Silicone Valley and Cupertino…

Apple Park Store

First things first, a pit stop in Cupertino to visit the famous Apple HQ. Glorious clear skies, a fantastic in-store experience and a pretty special rooftop view.

Incredibly refined product placement
Apple enthusiast check out the new Apple Studio with Pro Displays
The view of Apple’s new head quarters from the rooftop of the store
A wonderful blend of product, messaging and materials

AR done well

The stores main attraction is the Apple Park AR experience, a stunning high resolution interactive replica model of Apple Park which comes to life when you hold up the iPad. The experience showcases the innovation behind the building, its solar panels and energy production, its air circulation and relationship with nature around it. It’s a fantastic experience which few organisations in the world could have the opportunity to build and create.

Check out the experience below:

Folks checking out the excellent AR experience showcasing the innovations of Apple Park

Infinite Loop and a trip to Steve’s old spot

Shortly after, Gareth was informed there was more unique merch across at the original Apple HQ, Infinite Loop. More so, it was the place of Steve Job’s old office, sitting just above the store. Peacefully nestled in amongst the rest of the older Apple offices. There was very much a feel in the air here, you could sense the history. Infact, all of Cupertino had that vibe, especially in the glorious September sunshine.

The staff of the store were super friendly and genuinely happy people were coming to check the place out. One of the staff gave Gareth and short tour of the street and turns out he was parked next to Steve Job’s old parking spot. The infamous disabled spot he would throw his car into every day.

Gareth grabbing a quick tourist photo outside of Steve Job’s old office
The infamous disabled parking spot, mostly used by Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs arriving at his Infinite Loop office


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