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Acid Test: Does the Museum of the Future live up to the hype?

By Acid.Works 3 min read
19 Jun 2024

We finally check out Museum of The Future, with full family in tow… in true Acid Style here’s our joint photo journal and overall thoughts on the experience. We provide our thoughts from the following points of view:

• A resident of the city
• Design, tech and experience enthusiasts
• General common sense
• A goal to help provide helpful feedback to drive better experience

Let’s get to it:

Arrival Experience


Level 5


Level 4

Level 3

Level 2


Acid Test Score – 2.5 /5
(Worth checking out, but room for improvement)

What we loved:

  • The cutting edge vibe, community & people
  • The purity – Absolutely no toning down of anything, it was intense at times
  • The sound & screens – Incredible quality systems, needed to showcase their sound and visuals at it’s best
  • The branding and events visuals generally – very good

Suggestions for next year:

  • A little more variety in the spaces to contrast the darkness. Something more causal, funky during the day in a coffee shop (Night Jar perhaps).
  • Workshops and tutorials to learn about experimental visual projects (and sound).
  • More welcoming / informative comms – To expand numbers and attract more curious, creative people (it felt like it was really an meeting of the elite music and creative heads).

Final Thoughts:

It’s incredible to have experiences like this in Dubai, it’s one of the cities where so many different people can come together. As we said it’s not always a safe space, you will hear and see a lot of unusual things. A big shout out to the performers, in particular Matthew Johnson (who got rave reviews) and Satishie Tomie, a Japanese house, progressive and  we’ve been listening too since the mid 90s. Mutek gets a 4 out of 5, we highly recommend it and hope to catch you there next year.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the review.


Thanks for reading.
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