Rohit reveals his latest video with magnetic souvenirs around Dubai

By Acid.Works 2 min read
04 Jan 2022

Our 3D lead Rohit Rao’s latest city take over video lands in the city, this time with magnetic souvenirs adorning Dubai’s most famous landmarks. From the world famous Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa, to Love Land and sand dunes in the desert.

It’s another charm filled example of the effort and talent he puts into his work. And we’re honoured to have him as an extended team member to help our Acid Works clients around the world. Thanks again Rohit! Here’s the video:

Dubai Marina’s famous twisting Cayan tower
The world famous Burj Al Arab gets a fun summery look
If Burj Khalifa could fit on your fridge, perhaps it would look like this.
We certainly do heart Dubai.

Meet Rohit
He’s the secret sauce behind many of the 3D projects we deliver at Acid Works. In particular we’ve 3D the character mascot design for IT clients around the world. we do this by understanding the personality of a client, initial concept sketches and then moving into Maya where Rohit turns these ideas into 3D models. For information on how Acid Works can help your company, reach out on the details below.

Rohit sharing his origami Dubai video


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